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    If you haven't heard of Mensa before, you may want to check out the page. We are an international society dedicated to the exercise of mental power and agility. We have only one qualification: a score in the top 2% on a standardized IQ test.



    What do we do once we're admitted? 

    Well, we usually sit around and ponder the fate of the universe, and solve the deeper philosophical and theological problems confronting the human race. While this by itself may not sound much better than having your tongue nailed to the
floor, consider the contexts we do it in:

bulletDuring Games Night
bulletAt the regular group dinner at the best of the local restaurants
bulletAt the monthly newsletter mailing party (yippee!)
bulletAt the frequent but varied one-time events, such as:
bulletA beer-making party (we Front Rangers do love our beers)
bulletA trip to the Butterfly Pavilion at Westminster ("Thousands of Flights Daily!")
bulletA Great Snowshoe Adventure
bulletAnd this is just a short list!

    We also publish a monthly newsletter called the Muse with more details on the events, games, musings by our local members, and even birthdays! For a copy of the newsletter drop a note to:

    Want more details about joining Mensa?
Send a note to our local Secretary,

Suzanne Williamson.