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For all Boulder Events:  unless otherwise noted, attire is casual, guests are welcome, and smoking is available outside. Questions? Please contact the event sponsor. Would you like to see a new event? Sponsor one!

Deadline for events to be published in Muse is the 20th of the previous month so that Muse can be mailed to arrive before the 1st of the month. Events will be published on the Web as they come in, so there's are several advantages to getting your information in before the deadline. For one, more people will be able to plan in advance to attend your event. It also gives you a chance to proofread your listing and make send in any corrections.

Last-minute event? Even if it's too late to appear in Muse, it can appear on the web! 

What have we done? Check this out!

Send your events!


The Usual Info


Attention needleworkers! 

Stitch & Chat is meeting irregularly, usually on a Sunday afternoon. If you’re interested in a relaxing afternoon of needlework and conversation, contact Jan Redding (phone number is in Muse) for details on our next meeting

Games Night North (Longmont) 

Usually the 2nd Monday of each month, but check the calendar to make sure! Looking for something to replace Monday Night Football? Come and gather at Christopher Conner's cottage for games, gabbing, and goodies. A mountain of games await. Email or call 303-776-7014 for RSVP, information and/or directions. One non-smoking human in residence.

Games Night III. 

On the third Friday of the month, we gather at Sterling and Marcia Babcock's house in southwest Longmont at Diagonal and Hover. Feel free to bring a game or play ours. No smoking, please.

Monthly Dinner

You gotta eat. Check the calendar for time & Place!

20th of each month — Mensa Muse deadline. 

Send your articles, comments, letters, or whatever by email (preferred) or to my new snail-mail address (check the inside back page of the newsletter.) If you really need to drop something off or see me in person, the best place to track me down is at B.C. Computer, 633 Frontage Rd., Longmont.

Newsletter Folding and Stapling Party

Near the end of the month, hosted by Suzanne Williamson. Help fold, staple, and mutilate the newsletters, and get your issue early!

Wish there was . . .

. . . a different event, place, or time? Sponsor the event and have some fun! 

Want to find out . . .

. . . if anyone else is interested before you schedule the event? We can post a “tentative” event. For example, you’d like to host a pot-luck dessert fest, but it won’t happen unless you get 5 people RSVPd by a certain date . . . Or you can just ask if anyone’s interested, and if so, you’ll schedule NEXT month.