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Not the Boulder Mensa Web


If you're looking for the Boulder Front Range Mensa website, look in the newsletter for a new address, or follow the link from American Mensa's website.

Sooner or later, this site will either be removed, or it will be converted to a personal page where I will "muse" on things that happen to amuse me.


What's Happening?

March 6, 2004:

Good question. I got my "e-muse" today and found out that I've been replaced as editor. I can't say that I can blame anyone for this decision, as the Muse has been coming out late and later. I tried making suggestions last year to fix the problem so that publication time would fit better into my schedule, but those suggestions weren't well received as they didn't fit with other people's schedules.

I made similar suggestions this year, but I've had little time to reorganize things to get onto a muse-worthy schedule. Unfortunately, I have a "real" job with deadlines that conflict with the Muse, and there's nothing I can do to fix that. However, the "e-muse" was ready for distribution on March 1, which seemed to me to be an improvement. In theory, it could have been forwarded to the membership that day, but I guess others felt it wasn't good enough.

But that is neither here nor there. I am no longer the editor of the Muse, and haven't been the officially been in charge of the website for quite some time. I've just kept this site here while the "official" site was being prepared.

It's all been fun. I hope you enjoyed my editorship of the Muse. I'm just sorry I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to everyone in my last the Muse, but needless to say, I didn't know it was my last issue until it was published and handed off for emailing and printing.

And I'm a bit shocked at how all of this transpired, but it's not really for publication. If you care to, you can email me and we can "chat." I've changed the email link to a address other than the bouldermuse one as that has now been abandoned.

The link below will send to an email to me. Please put "Muse" in the subject line so you won't get lost in my junk mail filters.

Good luck to the new editor.

And thanks to everyone who read the Muse and/or contributed.


To email me:  Donna Currie